Introducing The Troll

Do you talk to yourself? Before you answer, think for a moment, I can tell you that it’s very likely that you do. Oh not in a “whacko about to go postal and kill everybody at work” kind of way. But in a “Thinking out Loud” kind of way. Well I was recently wondering what that would look like if it were to manifest visibly.

We each have many aspects to our personalities. Parts that, taken all together, make up the sum total of who we are. Once good example is the one that I call “The Troll”. He’s the obnoxious, selfish part of ourselves that absolutely never thinks anything good about anyone but himself. If there were franchise opportunities in mean, he’d be wealthy enough to rival Bill Gates.

The videos here are the two latest in a new series of shorts that I am doing called “Talking to my many selves“, in which I try to envision what it would be like to speak to a physical (or at least visible) manifestation of parts of ourselves.

This first video is where I introduced “The Troll”.

Of course, I’m also not above throwing in some cheap humor as well, a taste of which can be seen here in the second appearance of The Troll where I have a bit of fun with the old Star Trek vs Star Wars argument.

He’s back. This time he’s after more than just cheeseburgers.

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