Time To Remaster A Classic?

I was searching for something else when I ran across one of those TV show collections that you’re seeing more and more of these days. This one was a Remastered Star Trek TOS collection of all three seasons.

The first thing I had to ask is exactly what was “remastered”? You see, I’ve been watching Star Trek since that first season in 1966 and I’m one of those die hard types that can get very touchy about somebody deciding to touch up or “improve” on something that I view as a classic.

ST TOS RemasteredOn the one hand I have to admit that I’d like to see how that original series would have looked if today’s computerized digital effects could have been used. On the other hand I both like and H*A*T*E What JJ Abrams did with the new Star trek movie.

In *MY* opinion he has damaged the timeline and in the sequel the only logical course of action is for both the Elder and younger versions of Spock to conclude that it is necessary to repair the timeline in order to prevent the needless deaths of billions of Vulcans when their homeworld was destroyed. The logical compassion of the Spock I remember would insist that repairing the damaged timeline is the only acceptable action. Even if it meant traveling to another universe to assassinate a movie producer. (“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.”)

But I digress don’t I? All things considered, I have to admit that I would like to see the old series with some of it’s visuals re-mastered with modern technology and for that reason I’m glad that this remastered set is on sale. But I also want to have a complete set of the original episodes, Arranged in their original order, uncut, with the original teasers for the next week’s episode.

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