Printer Shopping

I actually don’t like shopping for printers but I’m finding that it’s a royal pain in the rear to not have at least one working printer around. I hadn’t really even given it much though until last summer one printer died and then a few months later the other one became a paperweight because I refuse to spend $35 for ink cartridges that will only last for a couple hundred pages at most.

At first I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, I could find another Cannon BJC-4300 on sale somewhere and that way I could make use of the 6 ink cartridges that I’ve still got for it but alas, I think there’s probably no more of ’em left. I shouldn’t be surprised since I got the one I have for $5.00 second hand about 6 or 7 years ago. All it needed then was a new print head and some ink. Great deals like that don’t come along very often though.

cannon i250 bubblejetAfter a bunch of looking around and not a little bit of sticker shock, I’m beginning to think that this Cannon Bubblejet might just be the way to go.

It’s got all the features I need, and more besides because I rarely print anything that needs color, and compared to the other printers I’ve looked at so far, it’s very economical both to buy and to keep supplied with ink.

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