OnStar Shortsightedness Fails Users

With all the attention being focused lately on the changeover from Analog to Digital television signals, I just ran across a reminder that Television is not the only thing changing from analog to digital.

Specifically, lots of Onstar users are going to find themselves without service after February 18, 2008. That is the date that Cellular carriers will be shutting down their analog networks and Onstar depends heavily on that network.

Because of this change, Onstar will only be available in vehicles equipped to connect to the digital cellular network. After the first of the year, the old analog systems will no longer be supported by Onstar.

What’s really stupid on the part of Onstar is… well, there’s several things… like the fact that they haven’t done a very good job of informing their users about the fact that even after this cutoff date was known, GM persisted in making cars with the Analog system for quite a while. Another stupid is the fact that the upgrade to digital is not being provided free to the customer who, in all likelyhood, had no idea that such a change was coming since most customers simply buy something with the fully reasonable expectation that it continues to work.

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