Toilet Art?!?

I realize that living in a rural area like I do, you tend to see a wide assortment of things in people’s yards. This can range from farm implements to old cars & pickups. Sometimes you might even see various artsy decorative things as well.

The one thing I didn’t expect was a bunch of toilets. I don’t just mean one or two old ones that have been replaced either. I’m talking about over twenty of the things. ranging from several new looking Toto toilets to some 75 & 100 year old monsters that had seen better days fifty years ago.

Somebody had actually gone to considerable trouble to collect as many toilets as they could possibly find and then arranged them in a pattern on their lawn. There was only one really major problem with it.

That whole block smells like soembody’s using all of them. Without benefit of a water or sewer connection.

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