Three Good Legs To Stand On

One thing that I have come to appreciate no end in my efforts to make videos (especially better videos than I made at first) is a tripod. Over the last couple of years I have seen I can ‘t begin to say how many videos on youtube and other sites that were made by people who were simply holding the camera free handed..

Without failure that “technique” will inevitably lead to video that is very difficult to even look at, never mind actually try to follow what’s going on in them. The image is shaking all over the place, blurry and changing so fast that the eye can’t possibly even hope to keep up with what’s going on.

tripodA tripod makes a world of difference. Suddenly the image is stable and not prone to making you sick just looking at it. It also makes possible hands free video making when you’re working by yourself and intend to be in the video as well as direct it.

My wife picked up one on sale about a year or so when we got our first camcorder, partly because she’d seen enough handheld videos to hate the way they looked as well.

I just wish that we’d known more about the subect and could have known that buying a super cheapie no-name off off off brand on ebay was a bad idea if you want good equipment. The legs actually came off of the thing last summer and I ended up spending about six hours with duct tape trying to get the tiny little latch pieces in position exactly and arrange for the legs to all be extended the same amount. It’s serviceable in this condition but it’d still be nice to have a Decent tripd for once.

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