Defining Desperate

“Mr. Small” has always been considerably less than what he’s always thought that he should be. According to the story that I’ve heard he has, over the last few years, tried all kinds of things that are supposed to “cure” this “little” problem … devices, exercises herbal solutions, acupuncture (I do not want to think about the details of that!). About the only thing he hasn’t tried is surgery.

The latest news is that he’s decided to get a supply of hgh supplements and some insulin needles and self inject them directly into the problem area. Apparently he thinks that if it’s applied directly like that it will result in a localized burst of growth curing his problem.

Now I’m not a doctor or a biologist or anything like that but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t work that way. Personally, I can’t imagine being desperate enough to stick needles there. That is seriously over the line of crazy by a couple of miles and is yet another bit of evidence to why I sometimes refer to this part of my area as “Nutjob Hills”

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