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Taking It Outside

February 15th, 2010 17:35 pm | by Ed |

It's occurred to me lately that my efforts to lose weight would very likely meet with better results in somewhat less time if I were to spend more time being active. The only problem with that is that I really do have a lot of work to do on a number of projects and this does tend to keep me at the computer for a major amount of the day, a position that isn't exactly what you'd call a fat burner of any proportion.

After considering it for a while, I've decided to get in on the idea of combining my vlogging with walking (and later, when I'm able, jogging). I figure that this will help amp up the metabolism and burn some additional calories while letting me get my vlog recorded at the same time.

Since this first one I even came up with a way to keep from having the camera both aimed better and not jostling and crackling so much. I just collapse my tripod and mount the camera on it ... using it as a sort of poor man's steadycam.

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