I’m Tired Of Going Through Chairs

One of the downsides of being as much over weight as I am (345 pounds as of last Friday) is the fact that I have a problem going though chairs. You see, I spend really quite a lot of time (an average of eight to sixteen or more hours per day) at my computer and in the last eight months I’ve been through three chairs. In fact, the one I’m using now is currently on it’s last legs ( pun intended ).

While I know that if I can just get this one to last another couple of months I can very likely find several serviceable replacements at an area garage sale, I’d like, just for once, to get one that’s absolutely new in the box. There’s something about having an absolutely new chair that makes a big difference. For one thing it’s bound to last a LOT longer just because it’s never been used before.

24 hour computer chairOne good possibility that I was looking at today is this 24 Hour Computer Chair. Not only does it look like it’s really comfortable, it’s actually made with the intention of being used for long periods of time. This same model is used in police stations, dispatch centers and so on. All kinds of places where they’re guaranteed to get a high level of use.

What that means to me is that my using it as much as twenty hours a day will not be likely to have me looking for a replacement in a few months. For that matter, it might actually be the first office chair that I’ve had in a long time to last over a year.

I could deal with that nicely.

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