Wikipedia DUH Moment

I just read something on slashdot that, in my opinion, qualifies as a classic “DUH moment”. Seems that somebody decided to to a big study about why exactly Wikipedia articles vary so much in quality.

I think this is just another one of those waist of time and money studies that really have no point. Anybody that knows even a little bit about Wikipedia can answer the question about why the quality of articles varies. It’s simply that just about anyone can create or edit an article.

For example somebody can create an article about the history of ping pong tables, then six other people can come along and edit that article, adding or subtracting anything they wanted to it. Granted, there are editors that review articles for accuracy and fix edits but because of how big that job is, literally millions of articles, there is no point in time when most of them are going to be good quality articles. No study is even needed. All you need is to think for ten seconds about the obvious.

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One thought on “Wikipedia DUH Moment”

  1. waist of money … I lol’d

    Yes it is good that ‘just about anyone can create or edit an article’ isn’t it?

    Grammar Nazi

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