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YouTube Captioning = Fail

March 10th, 2010 13:46 pm | by Ed |

PCmag has an article up about the new captioning "feature" that's been rolled out on YouTube where they're now trying to automatically generate closed captions for all videos.

The article says that

The technology still isn't perfect, but Google is also using YouTube, with its vast array of accents, languages, background noise, and other distractions to improve its technology.

"Still isn't perfect" is, to say the very least, an understatement. I've seen some prime examples such as what's said in the video is "in a custom search" and the captioning routine translated it as Indianapolis job search ... I'd list more examples but basically the speech recognition is, in my experience so far, less than 30% accurate. Most of what it produces is total gibberish.

I think that this "feature" should have stayed in the testing labs until they could manage at least 75% accuracy. As it is it's a complete waste of time, bandwidth and Youtube's processing power.

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