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Silent Chaos

March 14th, 2010 11:28 am | by Ed |

That term describes my office perfectly. My office is a combination office / video studio, complete with a green screen on one wall. It's where I prefer to spend most of my time and where I do almost *all* of my work and while I prefer to have things organized to some degree and I can actually find almost everything in it that I need when I need it, there is a high degree of chaos in here as well.

it doesn't exactly have much in the way of "real" office furniture in it. The closest I can get to that is my desk, which is one of those big old style metal desks with the big drawers on both sides. The other desk is one of those "build it from a kit" desks that has seen a LOT of better days and may very well not survive being moved again. (I'm NOT looking forward to finding out!)

The chairs are, well, old and broken down. One is an actual office type chair with a solid metal frame and ten years ago it was even comfortable. Since then the springs in the seat have started poking through and it now needs an extra cushion to prevent perforating one's behind. My desk is graced with an old kitchen chair because the even older wooden kitchen chair that I was using has finally broken down to the point where it isn't safe to sit in it anymore if you weigh over 150 pounds or so.

One of these days I need to see about at least getting some new chairs. Ideally something that's designed to be comfortable for long periods of use because my ideal workday involves spending twelve to eighteen hours per day at the computer. Something that I haven't been doing much of lately partly due to the comfort factor. After about three hours in this old kitchen chair I'm so sore that I have to consider taking a nap on something really soft and forgiving.

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