Time For A Good Bad Show

I suppose that not many remember it these days but there actually was a “Friday The 13th” tv series that ran for three seasons. For those who have just been recently introduced to Jason Voorhees in the remake of the original movie by that name, this tv series should not be confused with the famous series of slasher films. They’re two completely different stories and the TV series never had anything to do with Jason or his “adventures” at Camp Crystal Lake and beyond.

Instead, this series is about a group of people who are trying to set some serious wrongs to right. The premise is that there was an antiques dealer who made a deal with the devil to sell cursed relics to unsuspecting shoppers. After apparently having an awakening of conscience he backs out of the deal and ends up dead.

friday the 13th seriesHis niece, her cousin and a retired magician then start their efforts to find and recover all of the things that his evil sale inflicted on people and stash them in a vault to keep them out of the hands of unsuspecting would be victims.

Over the course of he series they deal with an amazing assortment of objects, each with their own unique and deadly curse. More often than not they end up prying the item out of the dead hands of it’s former owners but they do, over time, recover a lot of really evil crap.

I remember watching this series when it first came out and managed to see almost the whole first and second seasons during their first run but I never did see the third season. Now that the complete series is finally available in a boxed set maybe I’ll finally get to see the whole thing from start to finish.

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