Therapeutic Ringtones?

I realize that there are literally tens of thousands of apps for modern smartphones, as well as perhaps hundreds of thousands of ringtones to go along with them but I think that this story I saw on TimesOnline may well just take the cake.

The latest thing coming out of the Japan ringtone laboratory is so-called “therapeutic ringtones” that are supposed to do almost anything from improve skin tone to revitalize your energy levels so that it’s easier to get through the day and do more.

I can’t help it, this smells entirely too much like more of this new age “wish hard enough and the world will be all wonderful for you” things.

I’ll grant that loud jarring ringtones are almost guaranteed to predispose people who have to listen to them to have a seriously bad attitude but I really don’t see how a ringtone is going to have any effect on your skin tone.

My call: This is total Bullshit designed only to separate idiots from their money.

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