It Must Be Almost Spring

I can tell that, here in Arkansas at least, Springtime and full time comfortable weather is getting close to being a full time reality and after the freezing colder than I’m used to winter that we’ve just had I am more than ready for it.

There’s an assortment of signs, from bigger things like a recent increase in the number of thunderstorms to comparatively smaller things like some not very easy to define changes in the level and type of joint pain that I’m dealing with these days. It’s not a very big change because my joints ache at least a little bit almost all of the time anymore but it’s noticeable to me at least.

Then there are more obvious visible signs, the grass is turning greener and will be starting to grow more very soon. The daffodils are flowering in my front yard and I’m seeing the first signs of the few remaining tulips and other flowers beginning to grow in the back yard.

The birds are a LOT more vocal these days and I don’t doubt that I’ll be putting the hummingbird feeders back up within the next three weeks or so. Another not quite so obvious sign is that tax season is almost over, when that happens warmer weather should be in full swing.

All I can say is that it’s about bloody time!

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