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Dubai Cutting Off It's Nose To Spite It's Face

March 18th, 2010 12:34 pm | by Ed |

I predict that over the next year Dubai will be seeing a decrease in tourism because of the way they're going overboard with their draconian decency laws.

There's been a bunch of cases in the news lately that serve as prime examples and I have absolutely zero doubt that they're just the tip of the iceberg.

One example is the case of a British couple that was tossed in jail because somebody said they saw them kissing in public.

Another is the case of a flight attendant and her cabin services supervisor who were convicted of "coercion to commit sin" because of some allegedly explicit text messages that they exchanged. Hello, McFly. If those are private text messages then it's none of anybody's business what's in them.

All I can say is that unless you plan on being celibate, keeping everyone at an arm's length away from you then perhaps you'd be better off to find another place to spend your vacation. Someplace where you can't be thrown in jail for kissing someone.

Talk about ridiculous! I'm all for morality and decency but that is taking things entirely too far.

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1 Comment

  1. Bruce on 18.04.2010 at 22:57 (Reply)

    Dude! These are freaking Muslims. They are NOT rational people. They are fanatically loyal to a 14th century mass murdering pedophile. They are more interested in killing people than anything else. They will gleefully kill their Muslim “brothers”, if they can’t reach anyone else. They are so afraid of women that they will happily throw acid into the faces of beautiful women because they can’t posses them for themselves, so they destroy what they can not have.

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