The Ideal Drive For The Ideal Computer

I just found the perfect hard drive to put into that duel six core computer that I was talking about recently. The only thing I need to do now is find that motherboard and the two CPU chips for some ultra bargain sale price and I would then finally be able to start building the ultimate home desktop machine.

Western Digital WD20EADS 2TB Hard DriveGiven the amount of storage that is needed when you’re working with video, combined with my long held belief that there is literally no such thing as “too much” hard drive capacity, I think that this Two Terabyte Hard drive from Western Digital is very likely the absolute best option available.

Since I’m also a long time believer in the principal that if you are going to dream, there is no reason in the world to not dream BIG I figure that the thing to do is to install not just one, but two of these baby’s into that twelve core computer. That would easily provide enough space to allow me to build a really good collection of stock footage, graphics and sound to be used in videos in addition to being able to keep copies not only of the videos that I make but the entire working project file for each one so that it would be possible to return to an old project and create a new version if it were needed (which actually does happen once in a while).

The final reason for picking this hard drive is the manufacturer. Western Digital has been THE leading name in hard drives since before most people using hard drives today were even born!

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