There Is Something To Be Said For Portable Computing

I think that perhaps one of the biggest things that I can say about portable computing is that more than just allowing you to move to where the work is, it lets you move to a place where you *can* work.

Living in Nutjob Hills I find that being able to get stuff done can all too frequently get to be a real pain in the arse. If it’s not Mr. Helpful with another one of his weird and all too often dangerous “healthy weight loss” drinks, then either he’s in to rant about something else and try to get me to take advantage of this or that oddball sale, buy this or start doing that when what I would REALLY like to do is grab him by the neck and slam him up against the wall and yell, as loud as I can, directly into his ear and tell him to get the #&#K out of my office and *NEVER* return on pain of death.

ASUS G51VX-RX05 NotebookUnfortunately, I’m not actually a violent guy, instead of taking my violent urges out on other people I expend them either by loading up Quake or by putting in a horror movie and rooting for the “bad guy” as all the morons run around doing stupid things making it so easy for him to take them out.

So once again I’m shopping around for a laptop. Rightnow I’m looking at this Asus Notebook with an intel core2 duo processor, 4gigabytes of ram, 320gb hard drive and so on. The ONLY thing I can find about this factory refurbished machine that I don’t care for is that it comes with Windows Vista Premium but I figure that’s a simple thing to fix. All I need do is put the vista recovery disks away some place safe and then format the thing and install either XP, Kubuntu Linux or perhaps a dual boot of both and I’d be all set to go

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