Spanish Judge Rules In Favor Of P2P Link Sites And Networks has a story up that shows there actually is some hope for P2P filesharing winning the war against “big content” and it’s efforts to shut such sites down.

Last year a BitTorrent link site called was sued by SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores), which is their local version of the hated RIAA, accusing the website of copyright infringement.

After a long legal battle the judge ruled against SGAE:

just linking to content that might be infringing wasn’t a violation and was not the same as distributing that content. He also noted that the law in Spain at the moment allowed this kind of sites to operate.

Apparently Spain has some sensible laws on the subject, particularly that file sharing is legal as long as there is no financial benefit involved.

Imagine that, sensible laws. Get your cameras ready, pigs are about to fly coast to coast nonstop.

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