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Obama Humor 2

March 20th, 2010 15:45 pm | by Ed |

In the washroom at the airport I saw a handwritten sign posted over one of those hot air hand dryers: "Please push button and listen for a short message from the President!"..........There's nothing like "hot air" and the smell of crap to give you that true Obama experience!!!!

If Obama had half a brain, his butt would be lopsided.

America is the china shop; Obama is the bull.

If Barack Obama had been the Commander in Chief of the Sioux and the Cheyenne, George Armstrong Custer would have died of old age.

President Obama is to statesmanship as an Etch-A-Sketch is to art.

Did you know that for security reasons Obama has an identical body double? The only way you can tell the difference between the two is that the real Obama's head doesn't cast a shadow.

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