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A Caution For Sharing Files

January 23rd, 2008 20:14 pm | by Ed |

This story makes it pretty obvious that file sharing can sometimes have risks and not just limited to those that involve possible malware infected files. The danger comes in what you allow a file-sharing program such as limewire to have access to.

If you use such a program, make certain that it is ONLY allowed to share files within a certain directory. For example you could make a directory called "shared files" on your C drive and then only let the file-sharing program have access to that one directory. This way you control what gets shared by moving it into that directory.

Accusation of ID Theft by File-Sharing

SEATTLE (AP) - A Seattle man has been arrested in what the Justice Department described as its first case against someone accused of using file-sharing digital data to commit identity theft.

Gregory Thomas Kopiloff primarily used Limewire's file-sharing program to troll other people's computers for financial information, which he used to open credit cards for an online shopping spree, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

As usual, you should make certain to use your anti-virus and anti-trojan software to scan any files you download before you run them.

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