I’d “Flip” Over Getting One Of These

I know, I’ve already got a good HD video camera. The thing is however, that while it is a good camera and we got it on sale at a very good price, there’s some things about it that I’m not exactly what you call “Thrilled” about in it’s features.

One of the first things that I don’t like is that it is designed with this seven degree tilt. Something that I presume is to make it more comfortable to hold when shooting video of birthdays, family gatherings and other situations where it’s not very likely that it will be mounted on a tripod. The thing is, I DO use a tripod. As a matter of fact, I use one pretty frequently and that seven degree tilt means that I cannot use the tripod’s leveling bubble to make sure the camera is level. Instead I just have to “eyeball” it and hope I’m close enough that I can correct any remaining error in post production.

Flip Video UltraHDThe other thing I’m not thrilled about is the fact that it makes video in the form of .MOV files and even though I have the latest version of Quicktime, I STILL cannot edit the video in that format. The MP4 files produced by the Flip Video UltraHD on the other hand, are something that I can edit without having to convert it to another format first.

The Flip can also be set upright on a shelf or desktop and the lens will look straight out from in instead of seven degrees up. One of the biggest things I like about the Flip is that it uses a full size USB connector instead of that cursed usb-mini that my current camera uses. That mini is just too prone to being bent out of shape just enough to make getting a good connection when plugging the camera in a real challenge. No such problem with the Flip.

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