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Best Workout Aids?

March 30th, 2010 19:52 pm | by Ed |

My plans to get a new controller board for my treadmill has once again been delayed and that's got me wondering what most people consider to be the best, for lack of a better term, "workout aid". Whatever it is that makes it easiest for you to "just do it" and get your workout done.

For me it's easy, treadmills are hands down the best tool for me to get that job done. Several years ago just by cutting back my carb intake to about 25 grams a day and spending an hour or more on the treadmill ever day I managed to lose nearly fifty pounds in about six months.

Had I continued the workout, I could have easily increased the amount of carbs I ate every day by a fair amount and still managed to keep the weight I had lost off and I'd be in a lot better shape by now.

But of course, circumstances and good old fashioned laziness got to me and I ended up gaining it all back and then some.

When I *DO* finally get that new controller I'm going to not only make it a daily habit, I'm not going to stop. I can no longer afford to carry this much weight around.

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