Guess Where I Want To Put His Weed eater?

My neighbor is mowing their lawn and I freaking hate them for it.

What’s worse, they’re doing it with a weed eater, I swear I’m ready to go postal and chop him and his weed eater into bits and load him and all of the evidence into stainless steel drums and bury them in a landfill where archaeologists can find him in ten thousand years.

Why does this bother me so much? Because I have a weed eater and a lawn that is desperately in need of cutting. What’s more, unlike many guys, I actually WANT to do the job!!! Unfortunately there’s been I can’t begin to list how many things that have gotten in the way of doing the job.

Plus, with my recent trip to the hospital I am now hearing from my family that they really DON’T want me doing it because I’m under doctor’s orders to take it easy on account of my heart.

Wonderful. It’s great that people care. It really is. But the lawn isn’t getting any shorter by itself and the kid down the street who said he’d do it for “party money” still hasn’t recovered enough from his last “party” to make me even consider allowing him to use any kind of gasoline powered equipment.

Hmm.. Do you think the neighborhood high muckety mucks would mind if I poured cement and painted it green?

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