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April 23rd, 2010 10:42 am | by Ed |

Today, like most days anymore it seems, has been a day of distractions. It's only ten am and already I've had a boatload of them. First it was Mr. Helpful coming by with what he called the world's best acne products because I had recently made the mistake of commenting that I had a zit. He rushed out to mix up a batch of his secret family recipe. Yeah, I've got a zit, however I haven't had one on my face in almost forty years, so I'm not really worried about them that much. I take care of them when they happen (which is kinda rare) and go on with life.

Then Mr. Cigars decided to mow his lawn. At eight o'clock in the morning. right outside my office window. I'm going to have to be sure to thank him later. Perhaps by taking a sledgehammer to his precious collection of Ferrari parts.

The neighborhood kids are having some kind of fundraiser and no less than seven of them have hit me up for donations this morning already. I tried to be nice and gave to the first three that showed up and now I guess they think that they can all get something. Sorry, As much sympathy as I have to their cause, It just ain't gonna happen.

There's a lady down the street that collects shoes. At about 9:15 she discovered that three pairs were missing one shoe. Her scream startled the entire neighborhood, caused no less than three cakes to fall and scared every cat for six blocks.

The couple three houses down is having a "disagreement" and there's a guy that lives next door to them taking bets about the outcome of their "discussion".

I don't even want to consider asking "what's next?". Around here a question like that will ALWAYS get you an answer that you're not gonna like!

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