Think Twice Before Putting Pictures Online

Here’s a good illustration of why you should be careful about what pictures you put online even if they’re in a “private” area of some kind.

This story on tells the story of a security flaw that was discovered in MySpace last fall.

This flaw allowed people to view photo galleries in people’s MySpace profiles even though they had been set to “Private” and assured that only those on their friends list could view them.

Then a YouTube video showed up that showed viewers how to retrieve photos from “private” galleries. It wasn’t long before somebody wrote a script that retrieved photos from nearly 44,000 MySpace profiles. Then he put all of the pictures he got into a 17 Gigabyte archive and seeded it to The Pirate Bay BitTorrent tracking site.

MySpace finally fixed the flaw… Last week. (Kinda reminds me of Micro$oft and how slow they can be to fix serious flaws.)

In any event, the moral of this tale is that you should never post a picture online unless you don’t have a problem with it turning up on a hundred websites or the front page of the morning paper the next day. Follow that rule and you’ll never have to worry about the whole world seeing pictures of the time you photocopied your butt.

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