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Escapist Mass Bans Users Who Mention Adblock

April 25th, 2010 13:32 pm | by Ed |

In a move that's right up there with saying that a chocolate and french fry addicted teen has no reason to use vitamins for acne, The Escapist recently pulled a stunt guaranteed to put them in the front running for this month's cover of "DUH!" magazine when they suddenly started permanently banning users en-mass because they had the unmitigated gall to suggest that a user who was having difficulties with the site because of an ad that exceeded their computer's capabilities should get Firefox and Adblock which would solve the problem by allowing the offending ad to be blocked.

It didn't take more than a few posts farther down that thread for users to start being banned permanently because they admitted to or advocated the use of adblockers.

Not long after that they even amended their posting guidlines to include the following gem:

Do not confess, teach, admit to, or promote ad-blocking software that will allow users to block the ads of this site.

I have to say that this has got to be one of the single dumbest moves ever. While they did eventually reverse those bans in my opinion the damage is done. By doing so they made it clear that money is more important to them than anything else and that they feel that they have the right to tell visitors to the site how they can and can not use their browsers and what plugins they can and can not use on the site.

Thing is, last I heard it was none of anybody's business what browser or plugins I use or whether or not I choose to use and ad blocker. It's also my business if I want to suggest to someone that they also use an ad blocker and provide links where to find a plugin such as AdBlock Plus for Firefox.

Thankfully I have never been, am not now, nor do I ever expect to be a user of that forum. Partly because it's not my cup of tea and now mostly because, even though it was reversed, they actually pulled this crap in the first place.

I will however, recommend that anyone planning to use that site, take a moment first and make sure that you have AdBlock installed and enabled on your Firefox browser before loading the site.

In short, screw you Escapist!

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  1. stuart on 25.04.2010 at 16:51 (Reply)

    You Don’t Have To Capialise Every Word In Your Headline.

    And who is ‘Escapist Mass’ anyway.

    1. Ed on 25.04.2010 at 19:06 (Reply)

      Whether I have to or not I don’t answer to the Grammar Police. As for the rest, If you’d read the post and looked at the link to “The Escapist” instead of criticizing grammar You’d know.

  2. RhoVisions on 22.06.2010 at 12:19 (Reply)

    Escapist has always been interesting for me.. maybe its just not a style I like. But as a web designer, I do slightly disagree with you. While I would never think of dictating how a person should user their browser (it should be content that drives income, not mandates), I do have some sites where if I detect IE6 or some older, less compatible browsers I do take them to a notice page about upgrades.

    Regardless, good post, and as for stuart:
    Capitalizing every word in a title is fine, and does comply with rules for formal English (though you should avoid capitalizing words like in, the, etc, but w/e :-P) so… shut it.

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