Watch Where You’re Going!

Fresh out of the slashdot mailbag (ok, so it’s not quite “fresh” because I’m a few days behind in my slashdot reading.) is a story that showed up on NPR about the latest development at Berlin’s Free University… a car that you can steer with just your eye movements.

The first thing I thought of is good luck getting a good auto insurance quote for that baby! I can just see it now, a guy is driving along and sees a hot babe by the side of the road and BLAM! Next thing you know she’s splattered all over the front of his car!

The article says that they’ve got it working at speeds up to 31 mph and they’re going for 60mph. Granted, it’s also loaded with cameras, lasers, scanners and a GPS navigation system that could conceivably allow it to self drive but still, I can’t help thinking that taking manual control out of the loop or even just minimizing it to eye movement is a mind bogglingly bad idea.

Fortunately for pedestrians of the world this thing is years away from appearing as a feature on new cars. Hopefully somebody will wake up and say “NO!” by then.

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