The Price Of SMS Messages

I’ve never been one to use text message functions on cell phones, mostly because I absolutely cannot stand using the teeny tiny keys on a phone keypad to try tapping out letters to say something. I’m not up on the shorthand that most people seem to use with the things and I haven’t got the patience to bother learning it at this point. ‘sides, If I want to sent a text message of some kind I’d rather sit down at my computer and type with a real keyboard. It only makes sense.

Another reason is the fact that with out Cingular “Go” phone, the things cost fifteen cents each. What’s REALLY aggravating about that is that it costs money to receive the things! Even if it’s unsolicited spam…. like the “media net” something or other that keeps sending messages that we don’t ask for and frankly don’t want. They all have the bit in them about reply “stop” to not receive any more and then a few days or maybe a week later. poof, there’s another one of the blasted things that we get to pay for even though we don’t want it in the first place.

The I read this article that takes a good close look at the REAL price of those cell phone text messages. The writer takes the time to do the math and the results will make your hair stand on end.


via my ISP: $1
via SMS: $61,356,851.20

Obviously, nobody’s going to use SMS messages on a cell phone to transfer an MP3, but the point is that SMS messages are costing an average of about one cent for seven bytes of data. What’s really special is that the writer then goes on to show that there’s no reason in the world for those text messages to cost as much as they do. In fact, there’s no reason for them to cost ANYTHING AT ALL!

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