IPV4 Still Hanging In There . . . For Now

In spite of the many dire predictions of the last few years, the supply of IPV4 addresses is still large enough to continue issuing them for the next year or two. Part of the reason that the date that they’ll run out is hard to nail down is because they’re not being assigned at a consistent rate. Even so, it doesn’t take an uber-geek with discount prescription glasses and thick coke bottle lenses to see that regardless of how long the supply lasts, it WILL run out sooner or later and when it does, People had better be ready to make the switch to IPV6.

According to ARIN CIO Richard Jimmerson there are now 20 /8 blocks of IPV4 addresses remaining. To put that in perspective, one /8 block contains 16,777,214 addresses. So yes, there are still plenty of addresses remaining. The thing is that they are being used and once they’re gone, there will be no more. IPV4 has a maximum of 4,294,967,296 addresses and approximately 93% of them have already been allocated.

So yeah, there is still plenty of time before the supply is exhausted however I still think that it only makes sense for ISPs to start getting IPV6 implemented now while there is still plenty of time to work the bugs out of the system so that when the time finally does come (and rest assured, it WILL come.) they’ll be ready for it.

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