Time For A New Camcorder?

I guess that the first question would be “why do you need a new camcorder when the one you have works just fine?” And I have to admit that yes, it does work fine. However in spite of that, the Aiptek v5v 720p HD Camcorder that I’m using now does have some drawbacks that occasionally drive me totally nuts.

I think that the thing that gave me the most trouble and still to this very day causes me considerable inconvenience is the fact that my current unit records in quicktime format. I have come to absolutely despise quicktime. It’s given me absolutely nothing but trouble. In spite of the fact that I have the current version of quicktime installed on my computer any attempt to load a quicktime video clip into an editor results in an instant crash. Therefore I have to take extra time and convert all of my video clips to mpeg1 files so that I can edit them. (I settled on mpeg1 because it takes the least amount of time to do the conversion without losing any noticeable amount of image or sound quality.)

Flip Video UltraHDAnother feature I hate about it is that the lens is tilted up seven degrees from the body of the camera, making the process of leveling the camera on a tripod a game of “it looks ok to me.” because I can’t use the leveling bubbles on the tripod.

Then there’s the USB connector. My camera uses a “mini-usb” connector and over time it’s started to act flaky, making it more and more difficult to get a good enough connection for the battery to charge. It has also caused more than a few very frustrating difficulties in transferring the clips to the computer for editing.

There’s more but I think that’s enough to get the idea across. On the other hand, the Flip Video UltraHD has an eight gigabyte memory capacity, it’s on sale for just a bit less than what my current unit cost. (though I think it might well be a good deal at twice the price but don’t tell anyone I said that!)

It also has a straight vertical design and it saves the video in a much more useful and user friendly .MP4 format that, among other things, won’t crash my video editor when I try to load it. Finally, it’s USB connector is full size which means that it will last a heck of a lot longer before connection problems develop. Mine started getting flaky within a couple months of getting it because of that effing “mini-usb” connector!!

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