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I Hate Waiting!

May 4th, 2010 11:51 am | by Ed |

I have always had a hard time waiting but today it's more difficult than usual. You see, in the past I've talked about needing a new laptop. Most recently I wrote about having decided on one and making plans to actually buy it.

So last week I ordered a brand new Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-EZ1530 Laptop from

Last Friday I got the email saying that it had been shipped. I have been following it's progress on the FedEx tracking page and as of 7:59 this morning it's status was On FedEx vehicle for delivery. This means that it will absolutely arrive today!

I am SO looking forward to this! I've had a lot of computers over the years. I've even built a few from parts. One, the machine I'm using right now, I built from NEW parts but even that isn't the same as buying a brand new machine that has and is still under a factory warranty. When you look at it in those terms, the last "NEW" computer I bough was 25 years ago in 1985 when I bought a Tandy Color Computer 3 for $300 from my local Rat Shack.

So here I am, it's 11:05 am and I'm killing time until it arrives sometime within the next few hours. I'm itching to get at this thing and get my software set up on it and get busy using it.

It's features include:
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (T6570)
802.11n Wi-Fi
Webcam & mic
Windows XP Professional SP3 (this is a biggie since I hate vista and have no desire to try "seven"!)

It's also got a full size keyboard. This means that it's got an actual number pad instead of that idiotic kludgy as hell work-around that most laptops have... a "feature" that I have always hated with a passion.

And now I have to go look outside because I keep thinking I'm hearing what *might* be the delivery truck

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