It’s Finally Here

After a VERY long day of waiting, my new laptop finally arrived! Since then I’ve been busy getting things set up and customized to suit me.

I’ve also already been both editing and rendering some video with it and it is more than meeting my expectations. One great example is a test case where the laptop rendered a video in about an hour and five minutes. I then took that same project to the desktop and rendered it again. This time it took over six and a half hours to render the same project! While it’s true my desktop machine is several years old, this comparison makes it look old enough to have a walker, a bathroom cabinet full of wrinkle creams, two canes and a seeing eye dog!

Of course there’s plenty of reason for the performance differences. The laptop has a dual core cpu where the desktop has a single core, the clock speed on the laptop is 2.1ghz where the desktop is 1.67ghz, the old machine has 2gb of ram and the new one has 3gb. Finally the desktop is using an OLD ATI RAGE 128 Pro graphics card with only 32mb of ram where the laptop has the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD which uses from 128MB to 1341MB of ram as dynamically allocated shared graphics memory.. all that plus hardware acceleration means video is miles easier to process now.

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