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Another One?

May 9th, 2010 12:31 pm | by Ed |

In the time I've lived here in Nutjob Hills I've had many encounters with Mr. Helpful, a lot of which have centered on his desire to "help" me in my quest to lose weight. This has resulted in him delivering volumes of research about everything from diet plans to lipozene reviews, as well as him attempting to subject me to a wide assortment of concoctions that he claimed would help me lose weight. (and they probably would, if only because even a sip of most of them would have you retching for days and you can't help but lose weight when you're doing that!)

Now however, after several years I've finally gotten him mostly "trained" to not bother me with weight loss ideas. It's mostly because he's tried everything and frankly, I'm not buying into his weird schemes and concoctions.

The big problem is that recently a new guy moved into the neighborhood and he's actually worse (if you can imagine that) than the original Mr. Helpful! This guy is not only trying to "help", he's almost always got some fairly expensive product that he can sell you to take care of whatever ails you.

I get the feeling this guy is going to take longer to train.

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