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Nutjob Hills Example

May 9th, 2010 12:29 pm | by Ed |

To give you a small idea of just how strange some people can be here in Nutjob Hills, consider this.

Normally the guests at a wedding will be given assorted small gifts known as wedding favors. In the "normal" world these welcome gifts for guests are typically things like, personalized matchbooks, napkins, candles, fancy chocolates & so on. Some of the tackier examples would be something like a small bag of M&Ms or perhaps a mini cheese grater.

However, here in Nutjob Hills weddings are, like most things, much more extreme than elsewhere. For example the wedding favors at a recent wedding included every guest receiving a pair of 10 inch tall feathered birds that looked like rejects from craft store owner's nightmare.

I mean really now, exactly what is a person supposed to DO with something like that? What's really bad is that those were given out at four out of the last five weddings here.

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