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The Next Step

May 10th, 2010 20:16 pm | by Ed |

Now that I have finally (FINALLY! AFTER ALL THIS TIME!) gotten the laptop that I have been needing for so long I am now working on the next logical step. You see, one of the main benefits of a laptop is the fact that it is a portable device and can be taken with you and used while traveling or otherwise away from your office or whatever place you normally work from.

So I've started to look for a Laptop Briefcase to use for that purpose.

I realize that most people use backpacks bought on sale or carrying cases made of cloth, plastic, or leather but I've also seen things get seriously damaged when a container like that happens to get dropped.

Because of that and because of the fact that I occasionally manage to drop things, even expensive things, in spite of how much I try to avoid it, I've decided that I need to go with something that has a sturdier design. One that includes a hard shell and some foam lining material to cushion the shock in case it should be dropped.

Now to be honest, while I do drop things occasionally, it's not as bad as it may look like I'm saying. It's just that given that I've spent the money to buy a brand new machine I want to do absolutely everything I can to insure that it is still working five years from now.

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