No Immunity For Telecoms!

You may remember that back in Nov 2007 the house passed a surveillance bill that does not give immunity telecoms for their participation in illegal domestic spying and warrantless wiretapping.

On February 12, 2008 the Senate passed it’s version of the bill that DOES give immunity to telecoms. This bill Cannot be allowed to stand.

The answer is to support the house version that, by not giving immunity to telecoms, we the people stand a living chance of actually seeing some of them get held accountable for their illegal participation in domestic surveillance.

Fortunately, the EFF is on the job and have more information about this bill and also a handy form that you can use to email your representative telling them that you want them to support the House version of the bill and NOT give immunity to telecoms.

I suggest not wasting time. It only takes a minute or so to use their email form and it’s well worth the doing.

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