Argentinian Politician Plagiarizes Plagiarism Law

I can’t help it. This is about as funny as it gets. (ok, so I’m easily entertained by irony.) Techdirt has a story about an Argentinian politician who introduced legislation that, if passed, would outlaw plagiarism.

My first though is that while it’s not cool at all, I don’t think there needs to be a law against it. Don’t we already have enough confusion, expense and lawsuits going on with copyright issues without adding anti-plagiarism laws to the mix?

However the really funny part is that the explanation of the bill was (did you see this coming?) plagiarized. Apparently he lifted the first three paragraphs of the spanish language wikipedia entry and used that as the text of the explanation without even so much as a “oh, by the way, I got this from wikipedia” to go along with it.

Hrm.. I wonder if now he’s going to wise up and chuck the whole idea out the window?

Life is short, take your laughs where you find ’em.

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