Beam Me Up Scotty

The people who do special effects in the movie and television industry will consider this to be no big hairy deal but to me it’s extremely cool. It goes all the way back to when we used to watch Star Trek (TOS).. back in 1966,67 & 68 when it originally aired. My brother and I used to play Star Trek the way other kids played Cowboys & Indians. A lot of other kids didn’t quite get it I suppose, but hey, Neither the Cowboys or the Indians had phasers or transporters.

In any event, in recent days we’ve been playing around with making videos and he’s gotten great at photography. I suppose you can guess… sooner or later one of us had to do it. He worked out how to do the transporter effect.

Not only that, but he did it using all freeware applications. Here’s a link to a post he did that details how to create a star trek style transporter effect using freeware.

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