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Think I've Got A Chance?

May 27th, 2010 17:41 pm | by Ed |

Well, I've gone and done it. I've entered a weight loss contest. Yes, there actually are such things. This one features a $500 prize for the person that has lost the highest percentage of their starting weight at the end of three months. I figure that it is another way that I can give myself a little bit more incentive to lose the weight.

What's odd is that I'm not all that concerned about winning the money. It's true that, to me at least, $500 is worth more like a thousand or more to most people but I really am more interested in losing the weight. Of course, having said that, I have to admit that I did think about stocking up on a three month supply of fast weight loss pills to see if it would give me an advantage but I have to admit that the idea feels kind of like cheating because the whole point is to lose weight and make a change in life style that enables keeping the weight off permanently and since I'm starting out at nearly 350 pounds, I *really* need to lose lots of weight (about 150 pounds) and keep it off.

This contest is being held on YouTube and it starts on June 1st. I didn't wait to enter. Here's my entry video:

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