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When Did This Happen?

May 27th, 2010 18:34 pm | by Ed |

You know, I try to stay on top of things and keep up with things that interest me. For example I knew about it when Iron Man was being talked about for a movie version. I remember hearing about the plans to make the sequel, Iron Man 2. I heard almost three years ahead of time that the Nightmare On Elm St movie was going to be remade and I remember reading well before they started shooting that Robert Englund was not going to be in it.

I realize that these are just movies and as such aren't all THAT important in the grand scheme of things but the point is that I have an interest in those types (and more) of movies and I usually know when story I like is going to be brought to the big screen.

Which is why I don't get how it is that I didn't know about this until I saw mention of the Remastered Star Trek Original Series. Not only had production already ended but it has been aired on tv already!

When do *I* find out about it? How about sever MONTHS after it has gone on sale! And I'm not just talking about the normal course of things where the first season is out and they're working on the second. No. It turns out that not only are all three seasons done and in stores (funny that I've never seen 'em!) but that it can now be had as a complete three season set!!!!

In any event, now that I know about it I've done some looking around and found some sample footage on YouTube and if this is any kind of a decent example at all then this is going to be the best release of Star Trek Original Series ever.

And for those naysayers that think it should never be changed from the original, think again. Part of the reason is pure practicality. One of the reasons I read for why they did it was because with High Definition television becoming so common it was the only way for these old shows to look decent. The old effects and matte work was passably decent on the older, smaller, standard definition sets but in HD they apparently became almost painful to watch. The other reason is that quite honestly, if Gene Roddenberry would have had access to the digital CGI visual effects that are so commonplace today then you gotta know that he'd have used it to the fullest. As it is, he did pretty good with what was available at the time and on his "not nearly enough money" budget.

Too bad he isn't still around to see this, he'd have loved it.

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