More RIAA Nonsense

The various messes with the RIAA continue getting worse. In one case for example Oklahoma State University ended up having to bow to an order to respond to an RIAA subpoena demanding a list of students names. Attorneys for the school emailed the list of names to the RIAA’s attorneys.

But wait, there’s more! Normally once they’ve got a list of the names of people they want to sue, they send out “pre-litigation settlement letters” (in plain English, it’s pretty much code for the equivalent of sending a 7foot tall, 300 pound bruiser with ‘an offer they can’t refuse’…. blackmail & scare tactics).

Thing is, now they can’t just run out and do that because some of the students are
represented by an attorney, which means that the RIAA is barred from contacting them directly.

The one thing I hate most about the RIAA and MPAA is that these organizations act like THEY own the stuff that they’re suing people over and that just flat out isn’t so. These idiots need to be stopped. Hrm.. I’m going to have to check on the progress of bittorrent apps being modified to use encrypted exchanges so that these organizations and ISPs like Comcast can’t do their big brotherish thing quite so easily.

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