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Hey YouTube, WTF?!?!?!

May 29th, 2010 20:39 pm | by Ed |

Recently when I upload a video to YouTube, I have been getting the following error message:

The MOV/MP4 file you uploaded contains the index at the end. We prefer you flatten the file before uploading so that the index is in the front of the file. See this article for more information.

So I have a look at the article. and the "help" it provides, is strictly for Apple users. It covers iMovie, Finalcut Pro, and Quicktime Pro.

The problem is that help for Apple software is about as useful to me as acne treatment gel is for the zits that I haven't had in thirty years. Hey, YouTube! Not everybody in the world uses bloody Apple products to create their videos. I use Sony Vegas, Wax 2.0, or even windows movie maker (if I'm really desperate).

Since I can find no equivalent settings in Sony Vegas to insure that the index in a .MP4 file is at the beginning, I looked around and found a tool called MetadataMover that's supposed to do the job of moving that index to the beginning of the file.

Problem is, when I used that tool on a video today, the result when I uploaded it to YouTube was that the sound was WAY out of sync and garbled beyond comprehension.

So, the question of the day is; How do I achieve this "index / metadata" at the beginning of the MP4 file, created by Sony Vegas pro 8, without making the file useless?

Ideally with settings somewhere within Sony Vegas or at least a freeware tool to move that data without damaging the video.

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