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Parody Power?

May 29th, 2010 21:28 pm | by Ed |

Ok, we all know that Youtube has become one of, if not THE, biggest sources of entertainment and expression around in today's internet based world.

In that world, one way that content creators can very often get unbelievable numbers of view is by creating parodies of almost anything. This particular video is possibly even better than a lifetime supply of nuphedragen for losing weight because of how many calories you'll burn off while laughing at it.

Part of the reason that this one is so funny and has gotten over 12 Million views is because it rips on what I personally think is one of the goofiest items ever brought to market in infomercials... the "snuggie"

Go ahead and watch this and tell me you haven't thought some of those same things yourself when watching the snuggie commercial!

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