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Windows XP Tip: How To Upgrade Your Flash Player

June 13th, 2010 09:03 am | by Ed |

Adobe has released Flash Player v10.1.53.64.

If you have Flash Player installed (most people do), be sure to get the update. It is expected to be more secure, put less of a load on your system and more capable.

Some of the new features include:

  • Hardware acceleration
  • Custom filters and effects
  • 3D effects
  • Dynamic sound generation
  • APIs for file upload and download
  • Advanced text support

This version does not yet have 64-bit browser support and it does not support hardware-accelerated decoding on Mac OS X. This is because Apple has only opened up their API for hardware-accelerated video decoding in April of this year. Because of this the version of the Flash Player with this feature is still in beta testing and should be released later this year.

How to Upgrade to this latest version.

First, verify what version you have installed already. The easiest
way is to go to this url in your web browser:

There will be a "version information" box on that page which tells you what version you have. If it is not "10,1,53,64" then you need to upgrade.

With your web browser shut down, go to control panel and open up the
add remove programs applet.

When the list populates, find the entry labled "Adobe Flash Player xx
Plugin" (where xx will be a version number, probably 9 or 10)
click the "remove" button to uninstall the old player.

Next, start your browser and download the version of Flash for your browser:

Flash Player for IE:

Flash Player for Non-IE browser (Firefox, Opera, etc):

Remember where you save it, when it's done shut down the browser.

Run the installer you just downloaded. When it is done you can
re-start your browser and the new flash will be available

Go to again and check the
version you have installed. It should now say you have "You have
version 10,1,53,64 installed"

If so, you're done.

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