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Windows XP Tip: Upgrade To SP3 If You Expect To Need Microsoft Support

June 13th, 2010 09:51 am | by Ed |

back in 2008 Microsoft designated netbooks as "ultra-low-cost PCs" which enabled OEMs to pre-install Windows XP Home on new netbook PCs. Something that was quite popular in light of the dismal failure of Windows vista and the pending release of Windows 7.

This week however, Microsoft is reminding customers and partners that the deadline of October 22, 2010 is approaching. After that date, OEMs will not be able to pre-install Windows XP Home on netbook PCs.

There is another date for Windows XP users to keep in mind. July 13, 2010. This is when Windows XP service pack 2 will no longer be supported. If you have any expectation that you will need Microsoft support, then now is the time to upgrade to service pack 3.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 will still be eligible for "Extended Support" (paid support and free security hotfixes) until that ends sometime in April of 2014.

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