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Don't Fix The Leak, Just Plug The Information

June 13th, 2010 16:54 pm | by Ed |

There's a piece on the IB Times site that's just another nail in the coffin of British Petroleum.

It seems that since they can't seem to plug the leak in the Gulf of Mexico, that they are buying search terms on major search engines like Google and Yahoo. This way, when you put keywords such as "oil spill" or "Gulf of Mexico" into those search engine the top response will be BP's page about the situation.

I think that they would be far better off to spend their time and money fixing that leak, cleaning up the mess they made and paying restitution to the millions of people and businesses that are suffering a major financial crisis because of this mess?

That's ok, BP stock keeps dropping in price. If they don't get their act together fast, they're not going to be in business anymore.

Besides, do they actually think that ANYBODY is going to believe them after they've been caught in the middle of so many lies and so much ineptitude?

I think not.

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