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Time For Another Trek

June 13th, 2010 18:49 pm | by Ed |

I have, of course, seen all of Star Trek original series including the animated series. I've seen all of ST-TNG, an occasional episode of DS-9 and I have also managed to see all of Star Trek: Enterprise, having finished watching it last winter.

Now it's time to move on to another Trek. This time I think I'm going to go for Star Trek: Voyager instead of filling in the Deep Space 9 episodes that I haven't seen even though there's quite a few of them on saleand I do believe that they mostly come before Star Trek Voyager in the Star Trek universe's time line.

The reason that I'm drooling over this Star Trek Voyager Complete Series dvd set is mainly that Since that show started, I have seen perhaps six or eight episodes and even then I haven't seen any of them in the correct order (as in sorted by original air date) and I want to finally get filled in not only on the adventures of Captain Janeway, Tuvok and company but I would love to find out once and for all just exactly how and why it is that they got sent seventy thousand light years from home in what was apparently about the blink of an eye. And of course, little things like how they came to have a Borg as part of the crew and how they finally managed to get back home in time for Janeway to be an Admiral by the time the events of Nemesis take place.

Then again, my birthday is coming up soon. I guess I ought to wait to see if anyone decides it would be a great gift (trust me, it would)

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