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Phalse Physics

June 22nd, 2010 15:26 pm | by Ed |

One of the many things that there is an abundance of in this world is people in pain. I'm not just talking about the little "ouch" pains, or even the bigger "damn that hurt!" pains. I'm talking about excruciating pain that pretty much rules and ruins not just your whole day, but major chunks of your life. Pain that is not only excruciating but does NOT go away. Ever.

That's where bullshit products like the Amega Amwand come in. You see, they come along with their snake oil claims that their product, whatever it is, can cure all of your ills.

Of course, they can't back those claims up with actual scientific studies and evidence. ALL of the so-called "evidence" is purely anecdotal ... people talking about how wonderful it was and how fast and completely it cured their pain or whatever else was wrong with them. There are no studies by independent researchers, doctors and scientists.

Their explanation of how their miracle cure works relies on you accepting their claims about some proprietary process with an impressive sounding name.

These days they almost always use SEO and Internet Marketing tactics to ensure that every search keyword that is even remotely connected to their product, especially the negative keywords such as "scam", are used in not just dozens, but hundreds of websites, blogs, article sites, forums, youtube, and so on that it becomes difficult if not impossible to find REAL, honest reviews by people that have tried it.

Such is the case with the Amega Amwand. Fortunately, I can give you a link to one such honest Amega Amwand review. It was written by someone that tried the Amwand for a full two months, using it as she was directed to. Her report of the utter, complete, total, absolute lack of any success at all of the Amwand to relieve any pain or live up to ANY of the myriad of claims made about it should be an eye opener to anyone that is considering buying it. Save your $300. Read that Amega Amwand review first.

What's the Amwand's big claim? It claims to use "Zero Point Energy". Anyone that knows something about quantum physics can tell you that Zero Point energy is a pipe dream. Oh yeah there is such a thing but there is very likely no way that it's ever going to be harnessed. Even if it is somehow put to use someday, it CANNOT do what the makers of the Amega Amwand claim.

Their claims are no better than those of the snake oil salesmen of the old west.

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