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I'd Rather Have A Microphone Input

June 24th, 2010 12:35 pm | by Ed |

Like a lot of camcorders these days, mine has an HDTV input / output jack. The thing is, I don't have an HD set, nor am I likely to anytime this decade. This means that it's completely wasted on me.

I would MUCH rather have a microphone input. Personally I wish that external microphone jacks were standard on all camcorders. I realize that most people who buy camcorders probably don't need or have any desire to use an external microphone but there are a LOT of us out there that would benefit a lot from being able to.

Because I'm also a vlogger, I make a lot of videos that end up on YouTube. some of these videos are brief sketches and they end up sucking just a little bit because even though it LOOKS good, the sound blows chunks because I am stuck with the built in microphone on the camera.

It would sound worlds better if I could plug in an external shotgun microphone instead. That one improvement would give my videos a much more professional feel. As it is, I am probably going to end up getting an external microphone for my laptop and using it to record the sound and sync it up in the video editor.

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